Learn 3 steps to handle your painful juggling between Work & Home and maximize your performance using Mindspace Reboot Formula for Women


1. Critical lessons women are never taught in school/home.

2. Secrets to handling patriarchal conditioning

3. Mindset to Work on your Priorities

4. Maximize your Work-Life Balance.





Hi! I'm Dr. GN Suma

 Mindset is everything!!

Women's mind is like a well full of cluttered thoughts. 

 Being a working woman, mother, and wife, and also handling leadership positions for 25 years was not easy. What was not easy was managing my mind. 10 years into marriage, a loving family, 2 kids, and an aspirational career made the situation overwhelming. 

I was a bundle of unpleasant emotions, feelings, memories, guilt, stress, anxiety, resentment, and low self esteem. What kept me evolve thro these challenges was my mothers words that she told me at the age of 10 years.         


I dealt my challenges with brave heart, never to quit. In the process, I understood the reasons why women fail to climb up the ladder and also feel lost in their juggling between work and home. 

The journey was exciting and the lessons learnt were beautiful. These lessons were never taught to me in school or home. 

I love to give my lessons to every woman , so that they do not go through the painful journey themselves

 I'm on a mission to recreate the women's world educating and making women powerful, inturn make families, societies, and nation a better place to live. 

I founded the Mindset reboot Hub, a community of women, to create women of great power to lead a lifestyle of freedom with the support of the community

 Recreate Powerful Women by Mindspace Reboot Formula

  I am on a mission to create a community of 1 million powerful working women who are mind leaders, breaking all the hackles of eons of subtle patriarchal conditioning switch their mindset from a service consciousness to a creator and leader consciousness who create a work of equal feminine and masculine energy.

 Women Education-self awareness, Patriarchy, Declutter

  Have been Learning and coaching women around me for more than 2 decades, to understand the tricks and techniques to lead a powerful lifestyle by striking a perfect balance between work and home and also emerge as a leaders with a winning mindset

 Mindspace Reboot Hub- A community of empowered women

I founded this community in the year 2022. Its a community to provide space for women toreboot their mindspace to come out of patriarchal conditioning, gain self expression and make the world a better place

My Mission

I am On a mission

1. To help women to tap on to their real inner power to lead a confident purposeful life

2. To build a community of women to provide a space for their transformation to be strong leaders through the Mindspace-Reboot-Formula.

Women thrive better when they are in a supportive community of likeminded people.

Welcome to Mindset Reboot Hub  

3 Steps to your Mindspace Reboot

Find Congruency with Self, know who you are and what is your life purpose

 Learn the powerful freedom mindset techniques, overcome the Identity Crisis and make your life self reliant and align congruent withyour life purpose

Shed the Patriarchal Conditioning

Understand the Patriarchal Conditioning that limits women from taking life full-on. 

Mindset re-creation to Overcome the Conditioning

Practice the powerful techniques in real life 

 Create a Powerful Lifestyle in Personal & Professional Spheres

Learn Proven Practical Tips and execute them in real life to maximize your performance at work and at home. Set goals and achieve them.

Simple Process to Get Started

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This community is built with love! Our focus is to help you get results.

 Dr. GN. Suma is a mentor and friend to me, being there in my thick and thin. We know each other for a year now and she has been helping me in taking the right decisions and challenging me when I am not being my best. Some of my learnings from her are "Being responsible, working hard, putting effort and being practical". 

She is a true mentor. Thank you, Dr. Suma

Er. Monika Popouri

Senior Manager, IBM

 Dr. GN Suma has been an excellent guide and mentor to me. She has given great personal support in my life as a mentor. Her intelligence in approaching problems from multiple approaches is a wonder. Her idea of thoughts starts where mine ends. She has always uplifted me personally to enhance my overall growth. Her mentorship has impacted me to lead a healthy lifestyle, full of confidence and enthusiasm. A mentor like her is hard to find.

Dr. Monika Singh

Dental Professional

 Dr. GN Suma awakens joy in learning. Her ways of coaching are very different, full of innovative ideas, parallel thinking and provoking new angles to look at life.

 Her energy is so contagious and I believe it to be one of the best aspects of your style- strictness; punctuality; creativity; a different perspective from others.

Thank you for motivating me in each of my life’s hurdles.

Blessed to have her as my mentor.

Dr. Ravina Sorout

Oral Physician & Maxillofacial Radiologist.

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