Refund Policy/ Cancellation

We at magiccoachgnsuma, we are committed to providing each customer with exceptional Service and Value for the price they pay. We Want You to Feel Comfortable about Performing Transactions and doing Business with us.


Due to the Nature of our Business, Virtual Products and Accessibility of our Products Immediately upon purchase There is a generous 7 Days 50% Refund Policy on the Silver Membership course, only calculated from the Date of Purchase and after going through the entire course in tripwire course.


Upgrades and Higher Level memberships (that includes software subscriptions) are based on your experience in the Silver membership. and by this time you are aware of our quality of service. We Believe it is Sufficient time for you to Decide if your Purchase is Valuable. There is no refund for Upgrades, Higher level prgrams, Community Access and Leadership Council Memberships.

Any subsequent requests, post 7 days for Refund Will not be Entertained.  

If you are not Satisfied with the Product you have paid for Just Contact Us at within 7 DAYS of th e Purchase.

We will issue you a 50% Refund Right Away. No Questions Asked !!

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